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Get straight back is a personalised posture therapy program which takes the individual’s everyday situation into consideration when generating customised exercise menus with online collaboration with our physiotherapist.


We live in a time when we find new and better ways to solve our problems. Postural therapy would be the solution to bodies that pain. Previously, you had to book and travel to your visit, all during business hours.


Our service is delivered to you in the shape of email, video and personal Skype sessions. We make it possible for you to enjoy a customised support at times that suit your life. Not only will you save time by not having to travel, you will also get more support since you can have daily contact with your therapist, ensuring you a fully supported transition.


1. Fill in the assessment form and send in required pictures of your posture.

2. Receive your personalised exercise instruction menu and follow.

3. Online session with our physiotherapist, who will guide you and customise your program.

4. New assessment of the result.

5. Feedback from your physiotherapist

6. Receive instruction meny with maintenance exercises. 

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