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Since we all have had problems with backache that has influenced our personal lives
and realising the difference in our everyday routines, we have all gone through a
Get Straight Back Program.


Per Erik Persson

Both my parents suffered from severe back and neck pains during my childhood. I didn't realise until recently how much anxiety experiencing pain triggered anxiety for me. Since I was 16 years old I've suffered from pains in my shoulder, knees and head. I've spent countless hours in visiting all kinds of massage, chiropractors, osteopaths, even trying Qi-gong - none had a lasting effect. Discovering Egoscue and postural therapy I'm learning for the first time to assess my pains and how to prevent them. Today I'm pain free but still making progress in order to function even better and also to prepare my body for the strength building that I stopped doing because of the pains it used to bring on.


Janus Langhorn

Having recently become a father, my time has become limited and my exercise priorities have declined. After one year of parenthood I experienced a pain in my left shoulder. It kept escalating and I sought help through a masseuse who admitted she could not help me. I turned to a chiropractor, but after having my back cracked for several times there was no improvement. My doctor prescribed painkillers containing morphine, which took away the worst pain but not the cause of it. The pills had an uncomfortable side effect, so I turned to my doctor again who referred me to a physiotherapist. Finally I was getting the help that I needed. However, it was hard to schedule routine visits with my physiotherapist in order to finally get rid of my back problems.


Lotta Bengtson

In the last years I have been sitting or lying down a lot of the time. I sit and work in front of my computer for several hours a day. Due to severe stress I also had a burn-out a couple of years ago, which made life even more sedentary. My back has reacted to the passive lifestyle and even though I am recovering from my burn-out, I have developed sciatica. My first Egoscue exerise menu was very gentle. I did the excercises every day, and after a week the pain was all gone! As I continue to do the personalised exercises every day, I can feel my body slowly changing and readapting to a more balanced posture where I hope to be able to work out as much as I want without contracting new pain.


Eric Goncalves

I've been a massage therapist for 12 years , and the main motivation of my work is to treat people that are in pain. I've studied all over the world to gather tools to be able to provide the best service possible. However, for years I felt that there was a missing link. Osteopathic adjustments, deep tissue massages, trigger point work seemed to be quite effective, but the effects only lasted for a while ...the pain would come back after a few days .

When I discovered Egoscue 3 years ago my life and my clients life changed dramatically. It revealed to be the most efficient way of treating chronic pain at its root cause, with long lasting effects. We are treating the cause, not the symptom. We are actually changing the position of the body, guiding it to the place that we call good posture - the place where you are pain free, and where you find the joy of movement again, because your body is functional again, and working as a unit.


We aim to help people help themselves
in order to Get Straight Back.